Why choose Pronto

Through our expertise, commitment and quality work, we’ve developed advanced technology for molding large parts. Our strength resides in producing parts with complex geometries and stringent technical requirements that call for high precision and an impeccable finish.


Pronto has specialized in the short-run casting of parts for the medical, telecommunications, inspection, optics, simulation and motor sports industries for over two decades. Pronto sets itself apart with its ability to cast, assemble and finish large and highly complex parts.

Our high-quality prototype parts satisfy even the most demanding engineers and designers. These parts allow for the validation of design and performance and play an important role in commercialization and production planning.

Our production parts help accelerate product market launch while reducing the investment in molds and come with a quality finish suited to high-tech products.

Our expertise, the quality of our work and our commitment to our craft make Pronto a North American leader in short-run parts casting.


Through our short-run part production services, we offer companies who manufacture innovative products a way to validate their designs efficiently and accelerate their time to market by minimizing production time and mold investment costs while providing quality finishes well suited to the high-tech products they market.


Pronto’s versatile multidisciplinary team is renowned for its great flexibility, ingenuity and commitment to finding simple and efficient solutions. We stand out from the competition for our abilities in casting, assembling and finishing large and highly complex parts.

Confident in our expertise, our customers know that by contacting us at the start of their projects, they will get the full benefit of our know-how and receive quality parts that will fulfil their expectations, all on schedule.